Simple Drawing Robots

Simple Drawing Robots


The title of this page is “Simple Robots” but they are the coolest robots ever to be made out of cardboard. it appears that this site has been on the internet for a while, but I’d never seen it and I’m totally inspired.


It is hosted at geocities, which means that linking to it may crash it… I don’t know anything about mirroring sites, but maybe someone can help David out and mirror this page so we can all stand in awe of the coolness of his “Simple Robots.” – Link

Update: The rest of David’s site is blowing my mind with it’s insanely cool mechanisms made out of plastic bits, coathangers, rubber bands, and cardboard.

8 thoughts on “Simple Drawing Robots

  1. dansdata says:

    In a similar vein: Tim Hunkin‘s sites.

  2. MrH says:

    Comeon now lets see you making some of these things work :-)

  3. dhananjeiyan says:

    give me full detail about Simple Drawing Robots

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