The vibrobots of Norway


Nifty video (in Norwegian) of DIYer Morten Skogly showing off some of his vibrobot creations on a Norwegian TV show.

Vibrobots (Tekno S03E04)

6 thoughts on “The vibrobots of Norway

  1. charlie says:

    gawd! vibrabots are seriously geh! i’ve hated them since the first toothbrush head + pager motor. ok, it moves, but it’s totally useless crap.

  2. Maha says:

    Atleast two of those vibrobots looked like a lady’s vibrator. I don’t have sound on this computer, so maybe he said that and i’m restating the obvious. But those are the first vibrator bots i’ve ever seen.. it’s obvious how easy it is to scale up from a pager motor with one of those.

  3. Morten Skogly says:

    @Maha That’s right Maha, two of them are made from real dildos, the large red one is from an rc car, and the two lively small ones are made from pagermotors. :) Not used, I might add :) The large black one has the most powerful of the vibrator motors, but I think it needs longer legs to wobble more :)

    I tried to make a toothbrush version but it just didn’t want to stay up, couldn’t get the balance right.

    @Charlie Yeah, vibrobots are nothing new, but in the video we are talking about easy and fun things you can make from things found in the trash, and the importance of reusing and recycling. The vibrobots are just a fun and colorful way of telling that, and to perhaps inspire more people to start taking things apart, and making new stuff. Vibrobots are perfect for beginners in electronics, and especially kids, since they are so easy to make, but for hardcore diyers like yourself it might a bit too childish. But we where all beginners one time, remember? :)

    And as Data learned in Star Trek 9 – Insurrection: It is important to have a little fun every day.

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