Trossen’s latest contest winner

Trossen’s latest contest winner

Trossen Robotics has announced the winner of their latest TR Community contest. The winner is Otto. Well, Otto is the bot, Kdwyer is the builder and actual winner. Trossen writes:

Otto is a humanoid/track hybrid droid with an incredible range of capabilities. Kdwyer’s mission was to make an autonomous robot that could avoid obstacles, track motion, and interact with people through speech and gestures. Otto’s brain follows a distributed architecture, employing 2 Oopic R’s (the “upper” and “lower” brains). He boasts a boatload of sensors, such as IR rangefinders, Ultrasonic rangefinders, a digital compass, and a color video camera. We like this project a lot, mostly because it was built from the ground up using a pile of hardware from numerous different sources.

Otto Lives – Link

3 thoughts on “Trossen’s latest contest winner

  1. archcvd says:

    A lot of of the stuff you see on that robot are actually available as a kit from

    Check out the Johnny 5 kit this one is based on:

  2. HowardC says:

    Yeah I was gonna say, this is about as original as China’s revolutionary “Vii” console. That is blatently J5.

  3. Alamurla says:

    No disassemble Johnny 5!

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