YETI walker robot

YETI walker robot


This robot kit has a terrific lumbering gait. The YETI Walking Robot Kit is from Arexx Engineering. He uses two servos for locomotion and runs on a programmable ATmega8 microcontroller. It seems like most of the distributors are European. Has anyone out there gotten a chance to play with one?

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8 thoughts on “YETI walker robot

  1. Joe says:

    It walks like a giant robot does through the city, blasting buildings with its “EyeLaser”

  2. Dave says:

    Looks like a knockoff of the Parallax Toddler robot, same two servo bipedal design.

  3. David says:

    As the inventor of the 2 servo walker I can tell you Yeti is a pretty poor copy. Back in 1998 I made BigFoot which inspired Parallax’s Ken Gracey to create Toddler which walked better than my BigFoot. Subsequently I created the Amblers which walk even better. Ken has gone on to create Penguin. Arexx don’t seem to understand the mechanics at all. There are much better copies on the web, see my Inspirations page
    and there are detailed photos of BigFoot and Ambler on my site as well.
    There are YouTube videos of Pop Ambler, see
    Software is on both Parallax’s and my site.
    So do yourself a favour make your own.
    Watch the videos of TecFoot as well for a two foot high dynamic walking biped. TecFoot’s build manual is on
    Have fun.

  4. John Park says:

    David, thanks for clearing that up, your design is inspired and inspiring!

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