Roly Poly Pot



Sometimes the solution for an everyday problem is so simple it takes thousands of years for someone to fail to overlook it. Take this clever concept for a flower pot that leans over to signal you when your plant needs watering. Jonah @ Makezine writes:

Unlike some plants that call you on the phone when they are thirsty for water, The “Roly-Poly Pot” concept by Samgmin Bae begins to tilt over when its water levels are low, thus serving as a visual reminder of their thirst. Each pot can be adjusted to work with the plant’s watering needs and schedule.

Roly Poly Pot – Link

2 thoughts on “Roly Poly Pot

  1. TerminalDigit says:

    As pictured, it looks like if I watered it in the tilted position, the water would pool at the wrong end and worsen the tilt. To make it work, you’d have to hold it tilted in the opposite direction for a little while after you water it to make sure the water ends up in the reservoir. More trouble than it’s worth?

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