RS232 Bluetooth modem! The BlueDongle

RS232 Bluetooth modem! The BlueDongle

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SparkFun is officially THE COOLEST, this Bluetooth serial dongle is going to make dozens of projects easier – uses the standard serial com port interface (no need to mess with USB drivers or software) and steals power from USB! “The BlueDongle is the latest Bluetooth devices from SFE. These units are based on the BlueRadios Bluetooth v1.2 engine. The unit comes fully assembled with an RP-SMA connector for standard 2.4GHz antennas getting extended Class 1 range (>100m). The BlueDongle takes care of all voltage regulation and serial interface conversions. External power is required and is obtained through a USB mini-B (5-pin) connection. No USB data is used, all communication is done over a standard RS232 com port.” Link.

4 thoughts on “RS232 Bluetooth modem! The BlueDongle

  1. cheesy says:

    What the hell, why does it use USB for power if it’s not using USB for data? They should either let us use USB for data (in addition to serial) or don’t include a useless USB port at all.

  2. Mohamed Osama says:

    i just need to know the connections from the bluetooth to the rs232
    TX to RX and RX to TX
    TX to TX and RX to RX ???
    thanks a lot

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