Safari 4 beta and Safari 3 on the same machine

Safari 4 beta and Safari 3 on the same machine

The Safari 4 beta looks pretty slick, but what do you do if you aren’t quite ready to give up your trusted browsing companion? Neil Lee has the solution for running both Safari 3 and the new version 4 beta on the same Mac:

Apple dropped the first public beta release of Safari 4 today, and installing it overwrites the old version of Safari as well as the system Webkit frameworks. This means it’s not possible to run the current Safari 3 release and the beta on the same system. That is, not possible without some fiddling.

Here’s a quick how-to get both Safari 3 and 4 beta running on the same system. You will need to use the terminal for part of this, and we will download an older copy of Webkit, which is Apple’s development builds of Safari.

This is a pretty big deal for me, since I’ll need to start testing sites I develop in both versions of Safari. I already need to run a few virtual machines to test applications under different versions of IE and Flash, so it’s sort of a relief that the Safari versions will work out side-by-side on the same box.

How to run Safari 4 beta and Safari 3 on the same mac

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