Send Company Email From Gmail

Send Company Email From Gmail

Customized From Address

When my access to O’Reilly’s email server went out today, I still managed to send a message to tech support from my O’Reilly email address. Since I’d already added my other address to Gmail, here’s all I needed to do:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account at
  2. Click Compose.
  3. Use the drop-down menu in the From field to select the address you’d like to use to send the message.
  4. Compose and send!

Sure, it’s more of a tip than a hack, since it’s built into Gmail, but it sure saved me in a pinch today, so I thought it qualified for a Hackszine mention.


8 thoughts on “Send Company Email From Gmail

  1. says:

    It is a good feature, I use it all the time, however don’t do this if you don’t want your GMail address to be known to the recipient.
    Even though the From field will show your other email address, your GMail address will be shown in the header of your email under the Sender field.
    Of course, not many people know how to see the header of email but still…

  2. mclazarus says:

    If your recipient uses Outlook, they will have the gmail address broadcast to them as the From display will be:
    From: On Behalf of Joe User

    It is because of this behavior of outlook and a boss who gets all itchy at something like this, that I don’t do this with gmail.

  3. rodbotic says:

    I use Gmail for my work email.

    I just get all the
    forwarded to my address

    when ever the email server goes down. tones of co-workers run to my desk to get their messages sent out.

  4. AcidRaZor says:

    Having this feature might be nice, but most email servers nowadays checks for SPF records. If O’Reilly’s SPF record is setup, you stand a good chance of the email not getting delivered at all due to the fact that Gmail’s server is not authorized to send out email as someone from your domain.

    A lot of administrators are starting to setup these SPF records as standard to curb spam that does not originate from the server it claims to be from and it would prove fruitless and frustrating if you can’t send email out from your Gmail like this. So beware.

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