Solder:Time Watch Kit – The Flux Capacitor of Watches

Solder:Time Watch Kit – The Flux Capacitor of Watches


Here in the Maker Shed there’s a lot of love for Spikenzie Labs’ Solder: Time Watch Kit. It’s easy to build and the finished product looks as well as it functions. The over-sized laser cut acrylic face and glowing red LED displays are sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it on your wrist. I believe Justin from Oklahoma best sums up the kit in this enthusiastic review:

The amazingly ridiculous flux capacitor of watches.  I feel like I’m wearing a dinner plate from the future on my arm and I love it.  I’m now waiting for my stint in a supermax for neglecting to take this thing off before I stroll through airport security.

I was a soldering iron virgin before tackling this project.  I watched a YouTube video on proper technique and had this little miracle assembled and on my arm in twenty minutes.  Get this if you are a fashion forward spaceman.

Interested in being owning the “flux capacitor of watches? Now through Sunday at midnight, we’re offering 30% off the Solder: Time Watch Kit in the Maker Shed. This is the lowest price we’ve ever offered on this popular kit – so don’t miss out!

10 thoughts on “Solder:Time Watch Kit – The Flux Capacitor of Watches

  1. mexoplex says:

    youll never going to get on an airplane with that thing strapped on ( or off).

    1. Michael Castor says:

      I took mine to Maker Faire NY and Maker Faire Bay Area last year but put it in my checked luggage. I was a little nervous but fortunately the TSA didn’t seem to have a problem with it. I thought about wearing it on the plane but decided that wasn’t the best idea…

      1. Andy says:

        A friend of mine is a TSA agent, she said that they look more for loose wires, and traditional T.V. & movie style devices. We fly with them all the time, never even had them say a word about it.

  2. Nguyen Nguyen Trong says:

    I like it ,You can sent to me ,schematic file ,tks u

  3. Sarah Richter says:

    My son tried this kit this weekend. Big problem if you make a mistake. (His watch said P:P when he put the battery in.) All the instructions say is “go over your work”. I don’t solder and this was his first project. So undoing his mistake was pretty much impossible since he turned around the long and short components.

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