String Tripod

String Tripod

Taking photographs at a slow shutter speed can really benefit from the camera stabilization afforded by a tripod, but often times lugging around and setting up a tripod isn’t so practical. The string tripod is an old photographer’s trick that will give you a reasonable amount of stabilization, while still allowing you quite a bit of rotational freedom of movement.

Oh, and it costs under $5 to make, sets up quickly, and will easily fit in your camera bag.

String Tripod – Link.

6 thoughts on “String Tripod

  1. grahl says:

    Isn’t this a bit too pre-alpha? The last release was June 22 2006 and except for one bugfix five weeks ago the SVN repository suggests no further progress.
    I think it’s a cool idea but could never get it running a few months ago..

  2. guest says:

    Tried just now on gentoo, it just creates directories given in the XML file and nothing else. Am missing anything?

  3. Pete says:

    Wiki learning is a working example The latest version is stable.

  4. Jim says:

    The maintainer is giving the project up. Apparently from the mailing list, there is someone interested and working on a patch, but nothing yet.

    I used this a while ago for a personal wiki project. It was pretty neat, but didn’t work over Samba or dokan. You go into the folder and open files that would be in the wiki. (Seeing nothing at the start and at each reboot is normal) cd into the wiki you are looking at and either cat or touch (I think) the file for the page you want (ex, for Main_Page you would cat on the command line)

    Quite useful and much better than the external edit scripts.

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