Surface mount hotcakes

Surface mount hotcakes

Breakfast With Reflow
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

It appears Synoptic Labs may be running into budget problems as skillet space seems in very short supply. What a shame, the chefengineer must have realized he’d rendered that flapjack inedible due to probable solder contamination – well, we assume he realized. He did . . . didn’t he?!? – My breakfast with reflow

Smd Solderguide Crop
HOW TO – SMD soldering (Surface mount devices)

The $30 hot skillet reflow oven

4 thoughts on “Surface mount hotcakes

  1. Bob Darlington says:

    I love the taste of lead laden flapjacks! Hopefully you’ll mark these in some way to let others know that they are no longer for food service.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your cancer!

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