Surface mount soldering tip: Boom-style microscopes

Surface mount soldering tip: Boom-style microscopes



It can be really difficult to see those little components when surface mount soldering. Bring in the funny looking headgear! Some type of head-mounted magnification is a great solution, but it isn’t always the best choice. You might want to invest in a stereoscopic microscope. A microscope will give you more magnification and the ability to go from a magnified view to an unmagnified view more easily, and hands free. They’re great for checking traces, solder joints, and many other solder-related tasks. The down side is they can be very expensive, running upwards of $500 or more. The good news is they can be picked up used for very little money.


Long story short, I picked up this beautiful stereo microscope for only $20 on eBay. Now that’s a deal! One of the nice things about this model is the ability to swing the entire head to the side, almost like a boom-style, except it’s about $1000 less. I love it! I still use my magnifying glasses headset, but having a microscope has been very useful and it didn’t break the bank.

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