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There have been a lot of “lifestream” services popping up lately that aim to collect all of your Web 2.0 meanderings and assemble them into a slightly less schizophrenic view of your online life. It’s a great idea, but the downside is that most of these are closed source and externally hosted, so you are essentially pumping all of your data into yet another system that you have no control over.

I was excited to learn about Sweetcron today. Created by Tokyo-based web developer Yongfook, it’s a completely open-source, self-hosted take on the lifestream idea. Like most of the services, it’s essentially a blog that also pulls your realtime participation data from sites like Twitter, Flickr, Digg, and Youtube. Unlike the service model, however, you can download it, skin it, and modify it however you like to suit your needs. You’ll need a server to run it on, of course, but perhaps that’s a small price to pay to take ownership of your digital life.

Sweetcron – Automated Lifestream Blog Software [via Brian]
Yongfook’s Blog (and Sweetcron demo)
Sweetcron Downloads and Information at Google Code

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