Tether your iPhone 3G


Your iPhone can connect you to the web from just about anywhere, but sometimes browsing on a tiny screen isn’t enough. With jailbroken 3G and some free software, it’s pretty easy to bring that internet-anywhere access to your laptop.

Nate True put together a howto that will guide you through the steps for configuring your iPhone 3G as a web proxy using the 3Proxy software. The laptop connects to the iPhone over an ad-hoc WiFi connection, the iPhone connects to the internet on its 3G connection, and 3Proxy sits in the middle, shuttling http requests and responses from your laptop to the world wide internets.

There are a number of steps involved if you include the whole jailbreaking process. If you get this out of the way, though, you’ll be prepared to jack in in an emergency (or in a lame-o airport with pay wifi).

How to tether your iPhone 3G
PwnageTool 2.0.1 (for jailbreaking your iPhone 3G)

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