Turn a Windows Mobile 6 device into a WiFi Router


WMWifiRouter is a new utility that you can run on your WiFi-capable WM6 device to turn it into a GPRS-uplinked WiFi router. When activated, it will set up your WiFi link in ad-hoc mode and start a DHCP server. Your laptop will see a new network called WMWifiRouter, and connecting to it will funnel all of your network traffic through your phone and its GPRS connection.

It used to be that you had to use a separate laptop connected to your phone to do the routing and network address translation side of things. This hack will allow you connect 1 or more WiFi laptops anywhere where you can get a cell connection, and you can do it without additional hardware. All you need is your phone.

Why isn’t this available as part of the base WM6 operating system?

WMWifiRouter – Link
WMWifiRouter forum discussion at xda-developers.com – Link

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