TV-B-Gone Kit


Tired of all those TVs everywhere? Want a break from advertisements while you’re trying to eat? Want to zap screens from across the street? The TV-B-Gone kit is what you need. The new v1.2 works worldwide, turning off virtually any TV by running 230 TV power codes for Asian/North American and European IR remote standards. Built by Adafruit in co-operation with TV-B-Gone inventor Mitch Altman, this kit is a great way to build something truly useful. Check out the excellent tutorials and forums at

MAKE Disclaimer: “Please use your TV-B-Gone for good and not evil (unless it’s funny, and even then we don’t necessarily condone it).”

4 thoughts on “TV-B-Gone Kit

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  2. karin says:

    how is this different from the Super Tv B Gone, packaged and ready to use? is it stronger, in any way?
    i need help deciding what to purchase. need about 100 feet strong device.

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