T-Zones and iPhone: the $5.99 data plan

T-Zones and iPhone: the .99 data plan

T-Mobile has a unlimited WAP data plan called T-Zones that’s $5.99 a month. Unlike the normal $20/mo full-internet package, the T-Zones service blocks ports 80 and 443 (the default http and https ports).

There is, however, a T-Mobile WAP to HTTP proxy server that will (assuming your device is configured correctly) allow you to browse the web on the cheap plan, and this is just what Windows Mobile users have been doing for a while to get affordable, unlimited, mobile web service. Now that the iPhone is easily unlocked and usable with T-Mobile’s service, you can do the same. You just need to configure your iPhone to use the proxy server. It’s a little slower, but at 6 bucks, it’s probably the cheapest data plan available.

T-Zones (a.k.a. $5.99 Internet access) on the iPhone – Link
iUnlock: free software-based iPhone unlock utility – Link

5 thoughts on “T-Zones and iPhone: the $5.99 data plan

  1. monopole says:

    Of course Palm/MS Mobile astronomy software packages such as astromist or planetarium have all red display modes, don’t require net connections to compute star and planet locations(handy, given that the best observation sites are out of cell range), and can directly control telescopes and cameras via bluetooth or direct connection.

    But of course the iPhone is much better suited for this ’cause it’s what the kewl kids have!

  2. bjepson says:


    In Astronomy Hacks, the authors suggest red film even for software that has red display modes. That’s because it’s very easy to accidentally switch to an application that doesn’t have that mode (especially if it’s a smartphone and a phone call comes in), and some gadgets leak a little bit of white light out of the edges even when you’re in red display mode.

    No one said that the iPhone was better suited for this; NightLight wrote in asking about how to get a red light mode on an iPhone. I’ve already done this for my Treo, and I knew I could help NightLight out by doing the same thing with an iPhone.

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