Ultimate battery hack video!


Here’s some fun year-end commentary on all of those goofy, dubious, or just plain dishonest hacks videos gunning for eyeballs (and big bucks) on Metacafe. Lame!

Insane Car Battery Hack! – Link

12 thoughts on “Ultimate battery hack video!

  1. Tercero says:

    I want the last 3 minutes back of my life

  2. NiñoScript says:

    lol, that was lame :-P

  3. Drillbit says:

    I have to say it was better than the other battery hacks. Seriously when did opening something up become “I hacked it”. I’m sorry to say retard, you only opened it, yeah only opened it. No, you didn’t hack it. You don’t hack a cereal box every morning to get your cheerios. Or, hack your gas tank by opening the cap and putting gas in it.

  4. Garret says:

    ^Maybe not, but I hacked YOUR gas tank when I opened it and filled MY gas tank with an aquarium hose. HOSEHACK.

  5. jordanz says:


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