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This is cool, a USB surface mount version of the POV kit we carry here @ MAKE…. ohararp writes –

Have you ever seen a kit developed solely for learning how to assemble an electronic circuit of only SMT parts? Did it have BLUE LEDs? I haven’t seen one with either! Expect to see all SMT components, acrylic stencil, solder paste, acrylic scraper, solder wick, enclosure, and battery all in one kit for about $30! A full instructional manual to include schematic and source code (picbasic) will also be provided. Stay tuned as we are in the process of acquiring all the necessary materials for a 50 piece run!…

OHARARP LLC – [via] Link and photos.

Makezinepov Lrg
MiniPOV- An Inexpensive persistence of vision kit- Link.

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POV projects – Link.

12 thoughts on “USB POV SMD kit

  1. Shadyman says:

    Does it come with a TLA manual? ;)

  2. samurai1200 says:

    I just had a breakthrough idea… I’m not sure precisely how these POV kits work, but i have a general working knowledge of them. As i understand it, you have to be waving (or rotating) at a certain speed (or angular speed) to be able to see the text as its meant to be output. Specifically for the bike-spoke POV kit, what if you used a 3-axis accelerometer to measure centripetal force to then be able to tell how fast the bike wheel was rotating? I’m a bit too tired to actually work out the physics (and too lazy to find my good ‘ol classical mechanics phys book), but i dont see why this couldnt be possible considering you would know all variables except for rotational speed (mass, radius [of bike wheel], etc).

    Am I being shortsighted on this? Anyone think this’d work. I dont think I have the know-how to be able to program a POV kit to dynamically adjust according to sensor readouts, but i’m sure there’re some of you out there that do.

  3. Kagetsuki says:

    There are a lot of other ways to measure speed, and accelerometers aren’t cheap or necessarily the best way to measure speed like this. Also, depending on the application you don’t really need to know that much about the rate of rotation.

    Anyone know what that green one on the PC fan is? I dug for the link but couldn’t seem to find that one. It looks interesting.

  4. mkeblx says:

    They already do so, such as with the Spoke POV using a hall effect sensor and magnet pair, just like every bicycle odometer. A very easy and useful method. You wouldn’t necessarily have to do so but if you’re already using a microcontroller its just another small piece.

  5. samurai1200 says:

    Ah, i forgot about hall effect sensors… much easier probably than interfacing with an accelerometer.

    price on accelerometers aren’t that bad. sparkfun has 3-axis ones for $14, and dual-axis (all you need) for $8… SMD.

  6. svofski says:

    I’m trying to figure out what’s on the picture named “AdaptedSpokePOV..” — with green shiny threads a fan and two perpendicular boards.. Can’t see the article originally referring them, where is it?

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