Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in a Ceiling Fan

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in a Ceiling Fan

I bought some GE bulbs that are supposed to work in ceiling fans, but they flicker and flash big time. I was able to get them to stop, oddly enough, by activating the dimmer and finding a sweet spot for the settings, but that was a hassle. So I did some trial and error tests and as you can see in the embedded video, 3 CF bulbs + 1 incandescent is the magic recipe.

I think the problem is in the fine print that says the bulbs aren’t designed for dimmer switches; even though the lights are set on full power by default, I think there’s something in there that interferes. So a future project might be to remove the dimmer from the fixture, get a new fixture, or find a CF bulb that supports dimmers and ceiling fans.

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