Use GPG encryption with Firefox and GMail

Use GPG encryption with Firefox and GMail


FireGPG is an awesome little plugin that adds GPG support to Firefox. You need the GPG package installed on your machine to start, and after activating the plugin, you’ll have a new right-click menu that will let you sign, encrypt, decrypt and verify any selected text.

You can use this to add strong crypto functionaliy to any webmail system or forum that you use! Special support for GMail is already built-in, which provides encryption and signature buttons right alongside the normal send button.

Currently, there isn’t a lot of documentation, but the author has set up a Wiki. If you want to help out, try the software for a while and pitch in with a page or two on the maual.

FireGPG: Use GPG Easily in Firefox – [via] Link

GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) for Linux, Mac, and Windows – Link

5 thoughts on “Use GPG encryption with Firefox and GMail

  1. aplumb says:

    Something to try. Get a reversible chroma-green/blue colored cap, bag, other accessories and wear them everywhere. Algorithmically manipulate the data-stream to taste.

  2. jakemikey says:

    Where’s the legal basis for this? As far as I know, if you’re in public, you’re fair game – anyone can take pictures of you. Besides – isn’t citing ‘invasion of privacy’ a little ridiculous when you’re in *public*?

  3. tms10000 says:

    Yes Jakemikey, I had the same thought, but considering that

    1) The google street view’s project intent is to provide pictures of the streets, being caught in that Net is some sort of collateral damage. Even though it is “fair game”, people can get miffed easily. Especially given the size of Google and the publicity around it. I never heard any complain when a9 did it (Who? What? Exactly)

    2) Knowing google infinite resource, the streetview will probably extend to milimeter precision photography of the earth, and it is very close to broad hwolesale surveillance. This is very much a concern again. This is the same objections raised against automatic cameras reading license plates of passing cars. Yes, you are in public with your car, no it’s not ok to log people’s whereabouts in a bulk, automated, unattended fashion.

    Personally, I’d say Google should run their database through a face detection system and automatically blur faces. If my digicam can do that, I’m sure Google can.

  4. Don Ror says:

    If my home is burglarized, I will sue Google for $10,000,000 and let the jury decided the amount.

    Sick of this Google invasion of privacy and assistance to criminals.

    We have enough of this scum from Mexico burglarizing homes in Mexas.

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