VIA’s gOS developer kit: cheap low-power Linux

VIA’s gOS developer kit: cheap low-power Linux


Recently, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the Everex TC2502, a $200 Linux PC that’s now selling at Walmart, and it’s probably not because “TC2502” is such an awesome name. By most standards, it’s a pretty slow system. What’s different is that it’s packaged and sold with Ubuntu Linux and Google’s various desktop and web-based office applications. This is a pretty cool thing, and hopefully a lot of non-technical, every-day computer users are going buy these things and have a pleasant Linux+Firefox+web-app experience, sans viruses, spyware, and other Windows genuine advantages.

The other cool thing is that the little 1.5 GHz VIA Micro-ATX system that powers the TC2502 is being sold as a “developer kit” for $60. A normal system, including a hard drive, probably pulls about 30 Watts in normal use. This might make a nice, low-power hacker’s desktop. Those of you who still run a fast window manager like Window Maker and spend most of your time shuffling though 8 terminal windows all running VI know what I’m talking about. For the rest of you, a low-power backup server might be a nice eco-friendly change from the noisy-fan, giganto-tower, space heater you have running in the corner of your office.

Low-cost board runs Linux, Google Apps – Link
$60 gOS Develop Kit – Link

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