Voice Controlled LED sign


Humberto writes in to point us at this handy use of the Google Voice transcription feature. In his Voice2LED Project, Josh converted a simple LED sign into a voice-activated one by connecting it up to his phone number. It turns out that when you leave a message on a Google Voice voice-mail account, it is automatically transcribed into text and sent to your email. To take advantage of this, Josh built a program that looks for messages that start with a particular phrase, and then displays the rest of the text on the screen. He built the sign using instructions from nerdkits, and his source code is listed on his site.

This looks like a fun way to leave messages or notifications to the people that you live with.

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2 thoughts on “Voice Controlled LED sign

  1. GVfan says:

    Very Cool! I’m finding the Google Voice transcription of my messages to be very usefull but often entertaining w/ some creative interpretations. You might end up with some wild word salad scrolling :-D

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