Wall wart power supplies

Wall wart power supplies

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Randy has a good article on selecting a wall wart (power supply) for your projects, he writes –

AC adapter, wall transformer, power pack – they go by many names, but the most popular seems to be “wall wart.” Although they are indeed an “unsightly protuberance,” they look pretty good to me most of the time…

When I was a high school student building my first ham radio gear, a low voltage DC power supply meant buying a transformer, aluminum box, power cord, terminal strips, hardware, feet, grommets, diodes, and capacitors. Then you drilled, assembled, soldered, and hoped it didn’t start a fire or shock anyone. Buying the whole thing ready to go for a few bucks suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, even if they do tend to clog up a power outlet strip – or look like a wart on your wall…

glitchbuster.com – wall wart power supply article – Link.


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