Watch MegaBot Pick Up a Car Like It Is a Toy

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Watch MegaBot Pick Up a Car Like It Is a Toy

If you haven’t been following along with MegaBots on their youtube channel, you probably should. They’re building version 2 of the robot that we’ve seen a few times at Maker Faire, and the whole process is being produced like a TV show. The ultimate goal is to battle with the Japanese Kuratas robot in hand-to-hand combat, but frankly just watching this thing come together is exciting enough for me!

In this episode, the bot finally gets its arms. We see them put it all together for a test run and pick up a car! While they brag about how Megabot can lift a car, they don’t mention that it actually dangled the car from one hand like a toy!

In case you missed it, you may also want to check out the weapons testing video where they test different weapons on a big fake version of their opponent which they have dubbed “Kuratos”.

I really like how they are actually showing how some of these concepts really just don’t work. For example, that chainsaw seemed pretty useless.


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