Geek Chic: T-shirt roundup

Geek Chic: T-shirt roundup

As April comes to a close, so does our coverage of nerdy style: Geek Chic. We’ve covered everything from bike accessories to ties that don’t suck. Now I want to talk about my fashion staple of choice, the t-shirt.

Let’s face it, a roundup of great geeky t-shirts could easily run a hundred shirts with awesome ones still left out. Nevertheless, here are some of my faves:


Void Your Warranty
Gotta go with the home team on this awesome shirt that urges us to pull out that screwdriver and unscrew that broken what-have-you and play around. It’s an empowering statement and you should show it off to the world!


Processing: Beauty
Processing art has a unique look, so what better way to show your support than a shirt emblazoned with Processing art?


Shirt.Woot offers a new geeky shirt each day, costing $10 including shipping. If you miss that shirt, you’re out of luck… you might be able to get the shirt still, but it won’t be sold at ten bucks. You may not find a shirt you’ll like every day, but if you check back often enough, one is sure to crop up.


I love my Makerbot shirt, designed by NYC t-shirt artist 1aeon. Wear it and show your support for the coolest start-up around!


Atoms Apparel
These low-key but excellently nerdy shirts revel in everything from ‘tronics to band. Something for everyone, decent color selections and refreshed fairly frequently.


I just love this 8-bit monster shirt, available from the Maker’s Market.


Another Maker’s Market gem, the Helbotica shirt pokes a little fun at the iconic sans by forming a robot out of the typeface’s glyphs.


These guys are trying really, really hard to corner the market on geekiness, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. I have too many TG faves to list here, but their Resistance is Futile, ROFLcopter, Binary and I Void Warranties shirts stand out.

Readers, think of something I missed? Add your own suggestions in comments!

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