Hacking The Oculus Go For High Performance Mobile VR

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Hacking The Oculus Go For High Performance Mobile VR

Palmer Luckey, the industrious hacker that created the Oculus Rift, has published his exploits in modifying the Oculus Go, a portable Virtual Reality headset.

Luckey is no longer with Oculus, so this new toy was a fresh platform for him to explore and modify. He dove in, looking for areas to improve, and found a few.

He reduced the weight considerably by dropping parts he deemed unnecessary (and rigging his own heat dissipation system). He also put considerable effort into dying everything black. This isn’t just a style choice, as Luckey points out. This helps reduce the reflected light around your face, improving the experience.

His magnetic battery attachment is fantastic, and if you’ve used a Go much, you’ll immediately be jealous. Especially since the battery he’s using now has 1/3 more juice than the stock ones.

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To top everything off, he’s built a portable computer embedded in a nice keyboard to use with his VR system, giving him a portable virtual computer environment.

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