Happiness Hat like braces for your smile

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Happiness Hat like braces for your smile


Despite it’s title, I don’t think that this Happiness Hat by Lauren McCarthy is very jolly at all. Intended to help one train themselves to smile, it uses a bend sensor to detect if it’s wearer is smiling, and then stabs them with a meta spike (!) if they aren’t. I could easily imagine this being part of the official dress code in some creepy dystopian society. Interesting take on a personal augmentation device, though. [via core77]

12 thoughts on “Happiness Hat like braces for your smile

  1. phosphorious says:

    “The scalp-pokings will continue until morale improves.”

    I like it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ned: OK, everybody, let’s see some biiig smiles! [hooks descend on audience, forcing their cheeks apart] Just relax and let the hooks do their work.


  3. sinless says:

    Ok, am I the only person reminded of Paranoia? Are you happy citizen?

  4. Andy L says:

    “Meta Spike”?

  5. Earthbound01 says:

    is the creepy almost insectine rasp that the spike makes as it stabs you.

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