Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun

Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun

Jay from thecapacity created this airsoft robot that you can control with a Wiimote. He’s using Construx for the mounting hardware, a webcam for remote sighting, and an IOBridge to control the servos.

I’m pretty sure I’d never want this thing in my office, but something similar with a motor operated squirt gun might be more my style.

Greetings Officefighter – Wiimote Office Defender

4 thoughts on “Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun

  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems to me that adding the word “safety” to any sentence referring to this device is an automatic oxymoron.

  2. AndyL says:

    Airsoft may be slightly dangerous, but I don’t want a squirt gun anywhere near the equipment in *MY* cubical.

    I’d rather have this and put up one of those “CAUTION! EYE PROTECTION MANDATORY IN THIS AREA” signs.

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