World’s first Nixie POV clock?

World’s first Nixie POV clock?


Combining two longtime favorite projects here at MAKE, Peter Csaszar’s Nixie Tube Propellor Clock displays high voltage time with persistence of vision –

The nixie tube, as well as the entire clock electronics driving it, is placed on the Spinning Board – the circuit board mounted on the floppy drive’s carousel. The heart of the device is a single Microchip PIC16F84A microcontroller. (One of the goals of this project was to familiarize myself with the PIC’s, and to see how much computing power can be crammed into this very popular low-end micro.) Port B of the PIC is dedicated to receiving signals from the environment, such as the Control button, the 12/24H selector jumper and the photodiode required to provide a stationary display.

Schematic and thorough info available – Nixie Tube Propellor Clock

Inspired by Peter’s work, Jon Stanley, also built Nixie POV using his own custom design (which we did post about a while back) –

More info on Jon’s iteration available here – World’s Second Nixie Propeller Clock

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