Book Review – Welding Know-How: The Tips and Techniques of Master Welders

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Book Review – Welding Know-How: The Tips and Techniques of Master Welders


Book Review – Welding Know-How: The Tips and Techniques of Master Welders by Frank Marlow

Review by Ervin Tibbs

As a custom luthier I’m frequently called upon to fabricate metal parts for non-standard guitars and other stringed instruments. I’m primarily a woodworker, but my sputter box and brazing torch don’t gather a lot of dust. Although my metal work has always been adequate, it never reached the high level of workmanship that I really wanted. Then I found this book. The beautiful line drawings, as opposed to fuzzy, confusing photographs, serve to clarify the simple, well-written text.

The amount of shop experience packed into this volume is amazing. There are also step-by-step instructions for building jigs and fixtures, and some surprising ways for modifying tools so that they actually work. This hefty volume is a keeper, and in the years to come I’ll probably wear it out.

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