Check Out the Competitive Making at Red Bull Creation

Check Out the Competitive Making at Red Bull Creation

RB Creation Vehicle


The third annual Red Bull Creation event is finally upon us! The fun begins with the first official build day today, June 13th, in Brooklyn alongside the Northside Festival. The competition, which is happening in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park, is open to the public and begins at 11 AM.

RB Creation Welding

The six participating teams were selected from the TurBULL Encabulator qualifying round. Dozens of teams from around the country created an original project with the custom Red Bull board (which I was able to play with and then wrote about here), as long as it utilized RGB LEDs to create an interactive, fun experience. My favorite entry, which was one of the six qualifyers to win a trip to the build, is the “Tic Tac Woah” game, built by North Street Labs:

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