Watch How to Make a Stainless Steel Rose

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Watch How to Make a Stainless Steel Rose

I like flowers, ‘specially roses. Don’t know why.

I have tried to make a stainless rose a couple of times, but those have been a little difficult to make.

I wanted to find easy way to make neat metal rose, and I think I found a good compromise.

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The rose is made from five pieces, cut and hammered to shape, using Dremel tools, and anything I found at home that could be used as an anvil.

I tried 3 different ways to find shape that I liked, with too many parts it ended to look more like a pine cone than rose.

Also, the parts needed to be the right size. 2mm difference actually can be seen at the end. Finally I found this 5 part model to be easy, and actually nice looking too.

Hammering is easier than it looks. It is important to remember that good result comes from the amount of hits, not from the power. Hitting too hard makes deep grooves, which are hard to fix afterwards.

Just a little patience and after a couple hits you can see how steel starts to take its shape. There’s nothing really difficult in it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.53.49 PM

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Im nearly 40-year old family guy who suddenly noticed that there is lots of interesting ways to make things, different materials to work with and many skills to be learned. Decided to learn new skills and try what I could make by myself, and it has been really fun so far.

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