Watch This Gorgeous Video, Learn A Little About Guilloche

Watch This Gorgeous Video, Learn A Little About Guilloche

Clickspring is a fairly popular youtube channel that has been making beautiful things from metal for quite some time. He’s written a little for us, and even done video for us in the past. One thing that he’s really good at (aside from making pretty stuff) is explaining complex things in a simple and visually pleasing way.

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In this video, Chris is explaining one particular aspect of using a “straight-line engine”, or a manual machine for cutting linear patterns in metal. Sounds confusing right? Well, it kind of is, but basically this machine is used to make pretty designs in metal.

Follow along as Chris explains how the heck this keeps a consistent depth, another task that is much more complicated than it sounds. Even if you’re not interested in learning the specifics of Guilloche, you’ll probably be mesmerized by the gorgeous footage of fascinating patterns being carved into metal.


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