Review: Bernzomatic Firepoint Creator Tool

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Review: Bernzomatic Firepoint Creator Tool

Manufacturer: Bernzomatic



Like so many of you, I’ve had an old torch head for propane and map tanks laying around workshops for my entire life. It’s the kind of tool you only need occasionally, but there’s no other tool in the shop that does what it does, so it also never goes away.

The problem, at least through most of my life, is that these torch heads are imprecise and really only good for heating up a rough area or starting a fire. Removing stuck bolts was probably my most common use.

The Bernzomatic Firepoint Creator Tool seems to be a push to change the torch from a blunt object to a more precise tool. They’ve done this in a few ways. It has more control over the shape and size of the flame than you would expect for a home torch, and the torch itself is at the end of a hose, allowing for easier use than the ones attached directly to the top of a bottle.

In use

I received the unit for testing and was pleasantly surprised by the setup. There is not only the head at the end of the hose but also a nice base that can hold your propane tank and the head. This seems like a tiny thing but when you’ve got this sitting on your workbench, having the head flopping around would be annoying, the base really helps.

this picture might be a tiny bit misleading. There’s a larger less visible hot point.

The flame adjustment is pretty good for a simple head on a propane cannister. I was able to narrow down the flame enough that I could see using this for more artistic pursuits that required precision. The flame lock allows you to kick on a flame and leave it on without having to hold the button and that’s nice, especially when trying to handle the tip more like a paintbrush than a small flamethrower.

One example of precision would be working with glass. In the video below, I was still using the old style and very frustrated by the lack of precision. I may have to revisit this hobby now! This torch much cheaper than even an entry level glass blowing head, and plenty to tinker with.

YouTube player


If you’re just using a torch to heat up stuck lugs on a rusty old car or start a bonfire, get the cheapo. However, if you even rarely want some more precision, this is totally worth the money.

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