Zen Toolworks CNC 12×12 Complete Package


This awesome three-axis CNC kit is a must-have for small projects such as circuit boards, engraving, or machining various small parts out of plastic or wood. Everything you need is included, except for a few hand tools, a vise, and a computer with a parallel port for running the software. The documentation contains clearly described steps alongside high-resolution photos, which makes the build process easy to follow. Zen Toolworks also has a large community backing their products, which is ideal for learning how to use a CNC machine, figuring out how to set up the software, or getting help with upgrades and attachments.

2 thoughts on “Zen Toolworks CNC 12×12 Complete Package

  1. Ed Dembowski says:

    I have their 7×7 machine. This is a great choice! The machine is very straight forward to build, and there are instructional videos to help you along.

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