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Sweater Rose Wreath


If you’ve been following along with Craft Wars on TLC, this wreath might look familiar. Created by Margot Potter, she’s...

Paper Strip Serving Tray


Fellow Fellow’s Claire created this sweet serving tray, made with paper strips, for Say Yes to Hoboken. What kind of...

Easy Bathroom Makeovers


If you want to makeover your bathroom, or any room for that matter, a few DIY tricks can make a...

DIY Feather Shoe Clips


Do your shoes need some bling? Try making your own feather shoe clips, just like Jenny of Hank and Hunt...

How-To: Bauble Necklace


Tackling a jewelry project doesn’t have to be daunting. Check out this how-to bauble necklace from Andrea of Making it...

Sally Ride Magnets


Maker Faire Detroit vendor Jodi Lynn Burton created this set of Sally Ride magnets that’s perfect for any appreciative fan.

DIY Hardware Baby Bike Seat


Now THIS is an industrial design! This spotted child bicycle seat, on Riding on Roadways, is made from materials found...