Is Make: Magazine Still Being Published?

Make: Magazine is Alive and Well

We’ve seen a lot of people asking “is Make: Magazine still being published?” Yes, absolutely. Make: Magazine is published by Make: Community ( as a quarterly, which it was originally. The new version of Make returns to its original format as well – the “digest” trim size that matches Popular Science and Popular Mechanics in the mid-20th Century.

cover images showing that make magazine is still being published
Is Make: Magazine still being published? Yes! Our return issue pictured above.

“We Can’t Quit You,” Volume 70, was the first issue of Make: Magazine published by Make:Community in October 2019. As of December 2020, the most recent issue is Volume 75, the Digital Fabrication Issue.

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Make: Magazine Volume 01 was published in the spring of 2005, and after Maker Media ceased operations in June 2019, Dale Dougherty, who had started Maker Media, started a new company, Make Community LLC and acquired the assets of Maker Media. Make: Community is dedicated to serving the maker community by helping it grow and become stronger. It is a membership-supported organization that in addition to publishing the magazine also organizes Maker Faire and Maker Camp.

“I continue to be excited to publish each issue of Make: magazine,” said Dale Dougherty. “I know it has inspired a generation of people young and old to see themselves as makers and as part of a global community.”

image of make magazine cover
Is make magazine dead? Heck NO! we’re going strong