Kryptonite Candy

Using just a few ingredients, I’ll teach you how to make Kryptonite candy that glows under UV light. This project is originally by BrittLiv on Instructables. Read more »

Custom Ice Pops

In the height of summer, there’s nothing like an ice pop to cut through the heat. Though store-bought ones do the job, pops made by hand — both the molds and the juicy refreshers — will taste that much better. Ice pops can be cast in any shape you envision.... Read more »

Gerard’s Maker Paella

There’s never a dull moment when Gerard Nebesky arrives on the scene. With his giant paella pans, buckets of ocean-fresh seafood, baskets of farm fresh vegetables, plus assorted knives, spatulas, platters and bowls, Gerard travels with all the ingredients required to create a major culinary event. Add heaping portions of... Read more »