John Park in the Maker Shed: TinyCylon kit build

John Park, host of Make: television, builds a TinyCylon LED kit from the Maker Shed, and uses it to light up a prop Nerf gun. Get a kit here: On Make: online Read more »

In the Maker Shed: Mechamo Centipede kit

I built the Mechamo Crab kit a while ago and really enjoyed the experience. I finally got around to making my Mechamo Centipede kit, which has been sitting in my studio for many months! The entire build took a few hours, but I'll spare you all the details and speed... Read more »

In the Maker Shed: Gakken Cross Copter EX

The Gakken Cross Copter EX kit has two contra-rotating rotors, driven by one small electric motor that's connected via a cord to the hand-powered generator. Available in the Maker Shed (Oh, and the original video uploaded was 45 seconds!) Read more »

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