The Idea Builder (aka 3D20) is fully enclosed, easy to use, reliable, and produces decent prints.

The simple software, touchscreen interface, and warranty make it a good value for beginners or those who don’t want to play with hardware.


Dremel’s easy-to-follow videos can get you up and printing in about 30 minutes. A leveling card is included, which takes the guesswork out of what paper to use for manual bed leveling.

However, the software is lacking in some pretty fundamental features — most notably the ability to add support material directly. Dremel also requires proprietary filament. It’s probably to ensure users aren’t using impure filament, but with only 10 colors available — and most of them translucent — your options are limited. Additionally, at $30 for only 0.5 Kg, the costs can add up quickly.


The Idea Builder 3D printer is poised to attract adopters of stable technology. Schools and users who want a reliable tool that comes with a warranty will enjoy this machine.