[Editor’s Note: Magicfirm has replaced the ZYYX model discussed here with a new machine; the company says it addresses the problems we note below. Look for our review in the near future]

This Swedish Replicator clone produces great prints in most of our tests and comes with some exciting new add-ons not found in other clones. With these upgrades, the ZYYX is attempting to push desktop 3D printing along — but is it too much too soon?

In addition to a fully enclosed build area, the ZYYX uses an exhaust fan with a carbon filter to reduce fumes. This is most useful when printing in ABS, but unfortunately, ABS also requires a heated bed to prevent curling, and the ZYYX lacks that.


Bed leveling is a nonissue, with an integrated sensor and scripts. Three notches in the bed allow the print nozzle to descend past it, so that the button used to detect the print surface can come in contact with the bed without needing to move it during printing. This button has a secondary function as well: It detects if a print is too high and needs to be paused, avoiding print failure due to excessive curling. This is great in theory, but this implementation has problems. Prints with minor curling often set off the sensor, causing constant delays. After too many pauses, I disabled the sensor — thankfully just a matter of unplugging the cable to the switch — and this allowed for a successful print.


A filament sensor situated between the filament spool and the print head on the ZYYX detects jams and will also pause the printer. This is a great time- and material-saving feature; during my testing, a print paused due to a twisted filament spool. Turns out a narrow feed tube leading from the sensor to the print head was causing some excessive friction and a failure to extrude fully. Removing the tube completely fixed this issue.


Overall, the ZYYX is a well-rounded machine that, combined with its high-end slicer, Simplify3D, produces nice, large prints. Hopefully with a few tweaks, the team can get the issues around the extra sensors worked out and take this machine to the next level.