You might be skeptical at its $220 price point, but the diminutive Monoprice Select Mini V2 delivers. With its small but usable build volume and impressive feature set it brings tremendous utility to the table.

A Pleasant Surprise

The steel body is unexpectedly sturdy, and the heated bed is insulated with a textured build surface. It also sports a simple 3.7″ display with a functional knob-controlled interface. You can print from the microSD slot, USB, or even Wi-Fi. There’s also a remarkably robust online community.

Limitations, Not Deal-Breakers

Printing ABS can be a challenge since the bed temperature maxes out at 60°C, and proprietary firmware and onboard controls may be a sticking point, although there are workarounds. Whether you’re looking for a first printer or a secondary standby, you can’t go wrong with the Select Mini V2.