3dPrint_Badges_2016_RostockThe Rostock MAX v2 offers huge, excellent prints without a wallet-breaking price. This kit machine scored well in our testing, and includes a lot of features for those willing to take the time to assemble their own printer. Just don’t plan on keeping it in a small space — at 4′ tall, this machine is a beast.


If you have never watched a delta printer in operation, you are missing out on one of the best shows in 3D printing. A delta operates by moving three identical carriages up and down along a linear rail. Each of these carriages is attached to arms, moving the center effector carrying the hot end. The Rostock MAX v2’s injection-molded carriages lock on solid and don’t require adjustment, providing consistent printing.


The built-in controls are up front and easily accessible, including the power switch and the SD card, which is conveniently located on the side of the LCD. The menus are easily navigated with a scroll knob that doubles as a push button.

The Bowden-style extruder removes weight from the effector, allowing the Rostock MAX v2 to move around its giant build platform quickly. The inclusion of a filament loading and unloading script would be useful for dealing with the long Bowden tube, but this can easily be added with a few lines of custom G-code.


The Rostock Max v2 performed well on all of our tests but shined in the negative space tolerance test — it was one of the only machines ever to score a 5. Our large, clean, overnight print didn’t even come close to maxing out the print area, despite the 8 hours it spent working.


While building and calibrating a 3D printer may be a little intimidating for those getting started with 3D printing, the Rostock MAX v2 is a great machine for veterans looking for large, tall build areas.