Have you ever wanted to have a gigantic lawn prop for Halloween? Perhaps something that the neighbors wonder about as it’s coming up, and is so challenging, you wonder if you’ll be able to finish it? This is the project for you. Unfortunately, I did not write this and track everything carefully as I went, as I was not expecting to enter this contest, but the techniques are really what’s important here, not precise details.

The basic approach we took is to make a very simple skeleton out of 2×4’s, and then use electric fencing and chicken wire to create a wire frame to wrap fabric around. I constructed the head from a 5-gallon bucket, a lawn torch, some air-conditioning duct work, and 14-gauge steel plate welded into the shape of a snout.

As far as budget goes, I lost count. The materials list looks something like this:

2×4’s: 6-8 ft

Red Cotton: 40 yards +-

Scaly Cotton: 5 yards +-

Electric Fence Wire: 80-100 ft

Chicken Wire: 24″x??? (‘way more than I expected, and I lost count of the rolls purchased.)

14-Gauge Steel plate: 1 8×14″ sheet (if I recall).

1 5-gallon bucket

1 roll aluminum foil

1 10″-diameter, 2-part AC duct