I like to decorate my work desk for the seasons, but lugging pumpkins to work and carving them seems to be the last thing I have time for. I was able to do this a few minutes (ok, that’s a lie, 3D printing this jack-o-lantern took a few hours, but you know how that goes), so it’s easy for kids to do, and the bonus is that I’d trust this in my kid’s room more than a candle.

Project Steps

Print Your Pumpkin

I found this cute pumpkin that has a hidden face that only appears when it’s lit from inside, and 3D printed it on our Dremel Idea Builder here at the Make: Lab.

Photography by Jason Babler

Add the Lights

I had this little USB Led Strip kit from Satechi (shown below) on my desk for review, and found it to be the perfect solution. It’s about 2 feet long, short enough to fit inside the jack-o-lantern, and is customizable from solid colors, a cycle mode, or even a strobe effect. The strip has a built-in remote that allowed me to have the lights’ cycle tuned to the exact speed I want. Since it’s USB, I had to use an AC outlet with USB to connect to the power strip behind my monitor.


I used a Dremel to carve out the back for the cord to fit through:


And that’s about it! Light it up, let it run, and you’ve got a perfect Halloween desk decoration without the mess of carving, or the safety issues that come with candles!