After seeing one of those pens that shocks you, I thought about putting something like that into a mouse as a joke. But mixing computers and high voltage is not such a good idea. The idea of using a vibrating motor from an old pager came to mind. So with an old pager, a mouse and a little hacking my vibrating mouse was made.

Project Steps

Remove the top from the mouse and then remove the circuit board. Make note of the wire routing for re-assembly.

Solder a wire to each of the leads on the motor.

Solder one of the motor wires to the normally open contact of one of the mouse switches. I used the left mouse switch, but you could use any of the three. Just depends on how soon you want them to discover your modification. The left button would be most used. Solder the other wire to +5 V. I connected it to the connector coming from the PC.

Re-assemble the circuit board and cord into the mouse. Make sure to route the motor wires so they will not interfere with the functioning of the mouse.

Now you can mount the motor to the mouse body. I used a small tie wrap and tied it to a screw post.

Re-assemble the mouse and test. Every time you push the mouse button the motor will run and shake the mouse.