I gave the kid next door an Airsoft gun for his birthday. Unfortunately, all he did was shoot his mom and dad with it, so I built him this target to keep the peace with the neighbors. Hopefully he remembers this as he gets older (he’s only 10) so the little bastard won’t steal my vehicle.

Project Steps

First, download PDF template and cut your two side pieces and top and bottom pieces out of 5/8″ plywood. Glue together.

After gluing, nail or screw the joints (I used a bradnailer). Next, cut out your back pieces.

On one of your back pieces, cut a 20-degree angle on one edge so it will fit well with the other back piece.

Apply glue. Then bradnail or screw in your back pieces.

Next, cut out the two pieces for the front BB catch. Cut one piece at a 45-degree angle, glue and bradnail (or screw) together and install into the box.

Next, sand all the pieces and paint it whatever color you like. I used paint & laminate left over from my wife’s laundry room cabinets. Of course, laminate is optional; it will still work without it. I just have to get rid of this leftover garbage.

When the paint was dry, I applied contact cement on the inside of the target box and back side of the laminate, let dry for 10 minutes and applied the laminate.

Then, I found a nice handle at Habitat for Humanity for only $0.25 (support the homeless). Mark center and apply the handle.

I also found some very cheap clips at a dollar store. I pre-drilled the holes at 8 1/2″ apart, so I can use not only big targets, but also the smaller ones I could print out. Have fun with it, or give it away as a gift. Happy shooting!