My outlook on life is, everything is a matter of perspective. Think about it. Depending on where you’re standing, you and the person next to you might see a situation in completely different ways. So, take my viewpoint that everything is a matter of perspective, mix in the dilemma of having two pictures and only one frame, and what have you got? Literally two completely different pictures depending on where you’re standing.

Project Steps

First, print off the two pictures you’d like to use for your project. (I used the sun and the moon pictures to show contrast)

Next, you need to cut the two images away from each other. Make sure the two pictures are exactly the same dimensions!!! This will ensure that your picture board has a nice look, not a sloppy

After you’ve finished cutting, you need to attach the pictures to the cardstock. Use the spray mount and coat the cardstock evenly, then quickly press the pictures to it. Make sure there are no air bubbles.

Insert wisdom here.


In place of using a computer and printer (for prinitng pictures) you can design your own. You can paint, draw, whatever you want. Any two pieces of art will work as long as they are the same size.