I’ve noticed that an Altoids tin can be used to make many a small project, but I have not found many Altoids-tin heaters. So I gave it a try, and to make your own just follow this project.

Project Steps

Mark the scrap metal, or the brackets, to the appropriate width and height for the candle and the tin.

Now use the Dremel to cut the metal, and grind any rough edges.

Now place the brackets to one side of the tin, and create a space large enogh for the tea light.

REMEMBER to leave enough space on the other side for the matches.

Then solder the brackets in place. Make sure they are secure.

Remember to solder in a well-ventilated area as fumes can be dangerous.

Now insert the tea light and the matches into the tin.

And test it out!

For an extra test you can bend a makeshift holder out of any leftover metal and heat a small amount of water over the flame.